25 January 2015

Around the Marsh

The weather has been pretty cold on occasions and so with other commitments poor Döra hasn't been out of the garage for over a month.

So it was with some trepidation that I togged up and rolled her out onto the drive.  Alarm off, then press the button. Boom. First time start.

Where to go?  I was going to give her a ride around the Marsh to give her a run. It was 4.5°C when I set off along Burmarsh Road towards the west right to the end then round to Newchurch then Ivychurch and then Old Romney. 

The roads were generally traffic free which is a good thing as often they are less than two cars wide. The most fraught thing is meeting cyclists, either direction, who seem to have no sense of which side of the road to actually ride.  In the UK it's "keep left".

From Old Romney I joined a few other bikes on the A259, most turned off towards Lydd and Camber. I carried onto New Romney and back home along the A259.

Not far, but by the time I got home it was down to 3°C but feeling much colder. So much for January's ride out!

The next planned ride will be to join the Motorcycle Action Group's "Fred Hill Run" on February 8th.

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