6 December 2014

When iPhones die!

Bereft! I felt like I was cutoff from the world!

My 5S has been powering itself off at odd times since the iOS 8 upgrade. It isn't a battery problem, as it had been as high as 47% charged.

On Wednesday evening it turned itself off at 27% and when I turned it on the Apple logo stayed on the screen. I went online when I got home and found that this is called "recovery mode".

I followed the instructions on Apple's website and it didn't work. 

What to do. I had little luck with O2 online and ended up booking an Apple Genius.

Just in case I called into the O2 shop in Folkestone and they managed quite easily to reset it back to factory setup.

All that means I needed to was attach to my iTunes and restore my data.

After the first stage it looked a bit dodgy as it seemed to have lost all my apps and data associated with them. So I left it to sync again....

Fingers crossed.


Trobairitz said...

The OS 8 update sure has caused some problems. I know my iPad doesn't seem to work as well at Michael at Key West Diaries had a mini iPad die because of it. The Mac Store couldn't even recover it.

Fingers crossed yours recovers.

Paul Devall said...

It restored okay after they got it back to the as-new state. Sadly th last backup was 12th November!

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