19 December 2014

The Boy

It's five weeks since we brought the boy Reggie home. He seems to have made himself at home and some of his "asbo" traits have not manifested themselves as badly (or at all) as they told us when we signed up! 

However, he does have a few other little peccadilloes that they didn't mention:

  • He likes to chew the mail. 
  • He likes to  rip up random pieces of paper
  • He reacts badly to other dogs on leads but not running loose!
The last is odd as you would think he would be more worried/nervous about other dogs running free when he is on the lead!

We have a little list to share with the behaviourist from the Dog's Trust.  As part of the re-homing process they give support for the dog's life.

1 comment:

Trobairitz said...

He looks pretty content. I bet he is glad to be in a loving home.

Sounds like he has a few issues, but things can be adapted. Place mail high up, etc. Much better than chewing on furniture or shoes.

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