11 November 2014

The latest addition to the Devall family

If all goes well Snoop will join the family from the Dog's Trust at Canterbury this weekend.  

He is a rescue dog and admittedly he has a few problems that will need ironing out but he will present a challenge and a new companion.

The Dog's Trust originally had him on the website as a terrier-cross, but that was revised to Labrador-cross.  He does look like a Patterdale Terrier, although maybe not pure bred.

Snoop might get a new name as well; it's not as though he actually knows he is called Snoop.  I have always wanted a Reggie.

Snoop has been fully vetted, he has been neutered and chipped, and is medically clean; wormed and de-flead.

He is due to be collected on Saturday. Claire and I had an interesting walk around Pet World where we bought a few essentials for him; a bed, some toys and the essential poop-bags.....

Although we have both had dogs before, it is rather a long time since.  He is a little excitable and to be frank goes ape-shit if a dog gives him the "big I am", so he barks back and growls. Yet in his cell in the homing block he shared with a small Jack Russell bitch that bossed him. She chose the biggest bed and he slept wherever.

Fingers crossed. Maybe he'll get his own blog.....  ;)



Trobairitz said...

He's a cutie. Definitely looks more like a Reggie.

I've always thought it would be nice to have a rescue dog, been so long since we''ve had one. Me thinks he wouldn't like us working full time though and leaving him at home.

How shall you stay patient until Saturday?

InvictaMoto said...

We are very lucky that Claire works locally and can come home at lunch times.

He can be left for a few hours to about four hours....

I have got Monday off as well to extend his introduction.

Trobairitz said...

Very lucky indeed. Nice for her to be close for lunch. It will be hard to leave the sad puppy dog eyes to go back to work though.

InvictaMoto said...

Very lucky. At least we have a few days to get him settled before he moves to the working schedule.

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