20 November 2014

Movember - Day 20

It looks as though I am going to have to do some pretty drastic cutting and shaping to get the 'tache to look okay. I had been hoping for the Burt Reynolds or Sonny Bono look, but in the end it is a little too grey!

Looking back through the blog history to see when I first started this caper, and it looks like 2004, although the first blog entry is back in 2006 with Tacheback.

So, two thirds of the way through the month and I have raised less than ten years ago.  Not even keeping up with inflation.

Here's the link again in case someone wants to spend a dollar or a pound, a zloty or whatever.  Every penny counts.


Trobairitz said...

Thanks for the link. Donated!! Every bit helps.

Paul Devall said...

Thanks both of you, that was very kind. The money will go to a good cause and maybe save some lives. Maybe not immediately and maybe not in my lifetime, but one day.

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