20 November 2014

FT Aqua

I was reading a thread on the Facebook page of the Triumph Owners MCC about investing in a textile jacket and it made me think about how long I have been wearing my current jacket. I tried to cast my mind back then do a search, coming up with June 2008!

Was it really that long ago?  Amazing. Maybe I am also due for a new jacket?  

But why?  

The FT Aqua has been amazingly waterproof and continues to be so.  It was black when I bought it but in exposed areas like the sleeves and front it has faded to a more dark browny-red co;lour.  But in areas like under the arms and the back, it is still black!  

I have no idea how many miles it has racked up. But I guess it is in the environs of 80000. In all weathers from very cold to high temps in Spain and of course, lots of rain.

So?  Maybe I'll wait a little longer then....

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