28 October 2014

Roll of Honour

I left work at a little after 4pm to get down to the Tower of London for the Roll of Honour.  I wanted to be there to hear as they read out the names of our relatives, Charles and William Devall, both who died  on the Western Front,

The journey was a little delayed firstly as the Circle Line was having one of its "problems", i.e. late and/or cancelled, and so I had to get the Metropolitan Line to Aldgate and walk down the Minories. The crowds in both directions were pretty heavy and once at the Tower, they had closed the lower of the walkways cramming everyone into the upper one. 

Once I had found space there I could see and test the digital camcorder, I found that although I could see, the sound was pretty rubbish. I wanted to hear the names read out.

I did a test video of the Guardsman bugler and although that seemed okay, the announcer was muffled. Apparently he said that the Roll would start at 4.55pm.

I decided to move, threading my way through the selfie takers. Maybe it is because I am an older bloke, but I find it somewhat irreverent to grin inanely like the Cheshire Cat into a phone with the poppies in the background hardly in focus or visible at all.  And don't get me started with the complete and utter pricks that have an extendable stick with their iPhone fitted to the end! 

Take pictures of the poppies and the ceremony by all means, Record it for posterity, share it with others that couldn't be there but not a bloody selfie.

I was lucky that once I got on the steps I was right near the front and was able to get a decent shot between two older guys on the very front row. The light was failing and I tested the camera again. The Xacti takes HD video but the playback screen is quite low quality so as I reviewed the vids, they looked terrible.

On the computer they look better - links below.

The ceremony was very moving and I was pleased to be there to hear them call out William and Charles' names.  They were quite near the  beginning so I gave my (wavering) arm a rest.  It seems to easy to take movies but without a tripod they are waving about like poppies in the breeze.

Video 1  

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