1 September 2014


After a pretty heavy butt cheek battering in Spain, and especially on the last two days either side of the ferry, I decided to try a new sheepskin approach. 

One of the guys we chatted with on the quay at Santander and on the ferry, and his wife, two-up on a KLX1000 Kawasaki, said they had bought sheepskins off eBay from a company in Yorkshire. They looked a lot shaggier than the Alaska Leather ones that I bought for Claire and me way back in 2004.

So I bought one. The jury is out.  It is a rectangle, with an anti-slip underside and a thick elastic to pass under the seat.  I think my arse cheeks need to recover before I can feel any benefit.

The suppliers are www.sheepskinseats.net  and are available via eBay as well as direct.


Trobairitz said...

It is amazing how hard a seat can feel after a few hundred miles for a few days in a row.

Can you stand on your commute to work or do you have to sit?

Paul Devall said...

I don't have to sit but my ticket costs so much I would hate to see some cheap day tourist sitting in it instead of me!!!

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