16 July 2014

Tank filled..

Got home from work and as it was sunny and dry I decided to take Döra out to put some air in the tyres and fill up. 

The pressures are shown as 36psi front and 42psi rear; the same as the GS. Easy to renenber!

The pump at Stop 24 costs 50p to start it, but according to the RAC and others, these are more accurate than free ones.

Both tyres were a couple of pounds under which was not too bad. 

As petrol is 7p a litre or 31p a gallon more than Tesco, I went down one junc on the M20.

"Pay at the Pump" was the only option and with 205.6 on the trip I gladly filled up. 

The yellow fuel light has been on a while and the "miles to empty" showed 10. 

I need to check the tank size as it took 17.98 litres to fill right to the top!!

So maybe there were a couple of litres still in their. Good for 25 more miles!

On the way home I stopped at the kiosk by Seabrook beach before going home.

I didn't want too many miles as I wanted a full tank for Saturday and the Somme Trip.



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