13 July 2014

Sunday Out...

Today we had a plan. Kent Centre AGM, then off to look at the Ducati shop at Laguna for Jiri, and then Canterbury.

In the end we did the first two, breakfast at the Blue and White where both Jiri and Claire came to the meeting. Only three of us were club members out of six attendees.

After the meeting we set off the look at the Ducatis. I love the Diavel but £16950 is too much!!

Then we went to the Battle of Britain Memorial and Jiri could look for the names of the Czech pilots on the roll of honour wall.

Then we went up to the White Cliffs to walk along and see the port from above.

Back at home watched the first Superbike race from Laguna Seca, and then the World Cup Final.

1 comment:

Trobairitz said...

It sounds like a good day and doesn't look like rain either, that is a bonus.

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