4 July 2014

New Rain Jacket

One of the problems being a motorcyclist in the UK, and indeed, anywhere in Northern Europe is the propensity for it to rain, or be generally inclement during the summer months.

Sadly we don't live in the Enid Blyton idyll inhabited by the Famous Five when the sun shone from dawn til dusk everyday without question.  Maybe in the Mediterranean or Florida?

Anyway, it means that wearing a mesh summer jacket may seem very silly indeed. My Joe Rocket has an inner waterproof lining. So in the rain the outer jacket gets completely soaked through.  I have never used it, but with a trip coming up to Spain, and some of it in England, I looked for an over jacket.

I didn't look too far as I fancied the look of the Triumph over jacket.  Priced at £39 it looks a decent bit of kit and what's more fits over my JR!

So I bought one. It packs into its own little bag that when worn is a pocket in the back on the outside.  It has a few reflective stripes to keep the French happy.

Time will tell!


Trobairitz said...

That looks like it will do the trick.

My Rev'it Jackets are the same, have a waterproof liner that needs to be in because the jacket itself is not waterproof. A tad inconvenient it is.

InvictaMoto said...

Will have to post a pic with me wearing mine...

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