15 July 2014


Sometimes good luck comes to those who make a stupid mistake. This time it was my turn to benefit. 

Yesterday we took the train to London. For me a daily occurrence. Same train, same change to Underground. 

This time I had Jiří with me, on his way to collect a hire bike. Not his fault but in the hurry to get off the train I left my bag on the luggage rack. 

I had just shown him where to go for his last (and solo) journey from Highbury when I noticed I had no bag. How?

The darned thing hangs over my shoulder to rest by my right hip.

I then tried to think when I last had it. Car? Yes. Slow Train? Yes. High Speed Train? Yes. Tube? Mmmmm can't remember. 

I reported it to the London Undeground guy and he called to the station at the end of the line. Not handed in.

So I decided to call Southeastern to ask what happens to lost luggage. No help at all. Takes 5 to 9 days to wind up in the Lost Luggage at another station.

Back tracked to St Pancras.  Can you describe  it? Better than that? It has my council id badge in the front pocket with my mugshot.

Reunited after 55 minutes apart. All intact. Phew.


Trobairitz said...

Whew, so lucky you got it back intact.

I so hate it when something like that happens.

Paul Devall said...

Very lucky!

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