8 June 2014

Won't start...

Came out to go on a ride to make sure my Pet Food Run route was okay. Dead.

Döra just clicking. Check the isolator in the side stand, click kill switch.  Nothing.

Called the Triumph Rider Assist outfit and 45 minutes later Mr Dale the RAC Man arrived. Meters everything. Relays all working. Power to the starter motor. Dead.

Put a the fiddly panels and covers back on. Earth the battery to his power lead and the engine. Vroom. Search with keyhole surgery precision to find the other end of the earth lead. Just visible and bolt almost out. 

What luck I wasn't riding along!

Tightened the bolt up. All okay.

This looks like when the engine was out for the new head that the Hinckley tech missed it.

I repeat.

Effing good job that it didn't happen on the road!

1 comment:

Trobairitz said...

wow, that could have been a disaster. Good thing you went on vacation and weren't riding it around the last few weeks.

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