26 June 2014

Tax due

"Road Tax" as we still call it is one of the bug bears of life. It's not actually a tax for using the roads but just another tax levied by a government wanting to raise more cash.

There is no requirement for motorcycle manufacturers to produce carbon emissions for bikes. 

The fact that Triumph have and that mine is very low, lower than cars that are paying £0 a year, it bugs me that I have to pay £80!! It is also printed on the "log book" that every vehicle has.

I take up less room on the road, no congestion, no damage to the infrastructure and pay loads more than small cars that take up space and are much heavier!!

Anyway, it's done.

Another year. Now the government has decided to drop the displaying of tax discs this will be the last one that Döra will wear.

Another tradition lost to the online world. 

1 comment:

Trobairitz said...

I always thought the display disks were very vintage looking.

We have to pay for registration "tags" every two years on bikes. (Stickers that go on our license plate) But all vehicles pay it. Luckily it is less for bikes than it is for cars.

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