25 June 2014


Booked Dora in for a visit to Laguna and after a few weeks of sunny dry weather, you guessed it. It rained.

It didn't look like rain at all as I came home from a school. So I decided to wear my mesh jacket.

I'd gone a few miles and it started. By the time I got to Laguna I was a little damp!

They wheeled her into the workshop and about fifteen minutes later they rode her out and I could go home. 

I spent that time looking at jackets and the new Thunderbird LT.  I need a new jacket as my old Frank Thomas, although waterproof still, is shabby looking.

This one is called the "Tempest".

Of course it rained again.

1 comment:

Trobairitz said...

At least you didn't melt in all that rain.

Cloudy and overcast here the next few days too. Just like Summer!!

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