18 June 2014

Pet Food Run

With the panniers fitted I was able to get two three kilo bags in the larger one and one in the smaller one.

We also had quite a lot of sachets of cat food that our cat, Hilly, won't eat.

The ride up to the meeting place flashed past with the cruise set on the M20.

The Kent Riders were there already. 

Döra seemed to be running perfectly. Two up I should have faffed with the rear suspension but didn't. Döra didn't seem that badly affected although I noticed the headlights were a bit higher than maybe was right.

The only hassle was a nasty pothole that was hideen on the edge of a zebra crossing and hidden. Bang! Felt like a kerb!

The ride back from the centre was really good. Warm and dry and the route back was almost the same as the way I came back last week with TomTom "winding roads".

I hadn't topped the tank and the four bars quickly became one and the low fuel light came on. I switched the display to "miles to empty" and saw 4! By miracle, a petrol station appeared on TomTom and I dived in. Phew.

I was a bit disappointed to have done 198.4 miles to the tank but only managed 48.4 mpg!

From there we rejoined last week's route and stopped at Sissinghurst for coffee. This week not hot and sunny but overcast.

Perhaps not the best time to have worn a mesh summer jacket and t-shirt. Brrr.

When I restarted at Sissinghurst the spanner lit up on the display and didn't go out. It's supposed to be for a service. With 5200 miles under the wheels and 10000 mile service intervals. It can't be service time. Into Laguna tomorrow then!

With luggage fitted I need to adjust the suspension before we go to Spain in August.

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Trobairitz said...

I think your 48 mpg is better or equal to what hubby gets on his Tiger 955. Pretty good for a 1200.

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