16 June 2014

Kent Pet Food Run

After loads of publicising the run on Facebook, to local clubs and in the SOC magazine, the glorious day arrived and ...... a turnout of ten. 

Three from the SOC and six from the Kent Riders plus a new guy that turned up on spec that I most likely signed up for the Kent Riders as he was on a Kawasaki.

Pretty typical of the SOC.  "No one organises anything" but when we do they can't be arsed to turn up.

The centre had laid on a BBQ and luckily they hadn't invested too much.  And also luckily it meant two burgers each.

There are about 40 dogs in residence and a handful of cats.

Some are "lifers" that are too old or too cantankerous to be rehomed, but there are so many that need a home. Many Jack Russells and a cute little Chinese Hairless and Yorkie cross.

Adrienne from the Centre took some pictures and they are here. 


1 comment:

Trobairitz said...

Sad that only 10 people turned out, but anything will help the animals.

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