Kent Pet Food Run

After loads of publicising the run on Facebook, to local clubs and in the SOC magazine, the glorious day arrived and ...... a turnout of ten.

Three from the SOC and six from the Kent Riders plus a new guy that turned up on spec that I most likely signed up for the Kent Riders as he was on a Kawasaki.

The centre had laid on a BBQ and luckily they hadn't invested too much.  And also luckily it meant two burgers each.

There are about 40 dogs in residence and a handful of cats.

Some are "lifers" that are too old or too cantankerous to be rehomed, but there are so many that need a home. Many Jack Russells and a cute little Chinese Hairless and Yorkie cross.

Adrienne from the Centre took some pictures and they are here. 



Trobairitz said…
Sad that only 10 people turned out, but anything will help the animals.

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