28 June 2014

AMRR 2014 - The Day

Up early and off to Nell's Cafe to meet Neill, my brother, and Frank from the Kent Centre. I was first to arrive and got myself a mug of tea and a bacon sandwich. Service at Nell's is very quick!

Neill arrived and ordered then Frank. By the time we had eaten it was getting on for ten and we set off. Booking in ends at 1130 and we we were well in time. Neill added his friend Bill to the list of riders that have died this year and when it came to Roar of Remembrance, most riders fired u the bikes. The air got a little foggy with all the exhaust.

Pano of assemble bikes
Me and Dora
Rain was forecast for the day and we had avoided it during the day and as we turned into the cemetery it started and by the time we were at the ceremony, it started to rain hard.  We made it though under the thunder to the new visitor centre. 

Out of the rain we could check out the displays. Very poignant.  It needs a longer visit to fully appreciate and maybe later in the year we can do that and combine it with a trip to nearby Duxford Aerodrome.

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Trobairitz said...

I am happy to see so many riders show up for the event.

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