8 June 2014

Almost the Last Chance

Once Mr Dale had sorted Döra's earth lead, I togged up and set off about three hours later than planned.

The TomTom fastest route was M20 and M25 then A-roads to Edenbridge. On google maps the Last Chance is shown but the waypoint isn't quite right.

In the end it is about fifty yards away.

I turned in and took a couple of pix. I arrived after they had closed unfortunately.

I had no idea how to mark the car-park as the waypoint on the TomTom. On the old Garmin Quest there is a simple "where am I" button and you can give the waypoint a reference.

I set it to record route, and then set a route for home. So at least the exact waypoint will be marked. No cockups next week I hope.

Until recently I didn't realise I had more options for planning routes. I now seem to have wonders like "winding road" as well as bicycle and walking!  Before I had only fastest and shortest!

The run home was the shorter "winding road" and it was pretty scenic passing some National Trust sites etc, plus Groombridge Park. Took a pic whilst I was passing.

The entrance to the driveway is actually between the two county signs. Kent to the left and East Sussex to the right. 

I took a pano to see if I could get both signs in.

Then back on the road to Lamberhurst past the vineyards and then Goudhurst, nice little village marred by a narrow S-bend at the top of the hill. Today it was actually clear; no bus or truck getting stuck.

By the time I got to Sissinghurst I needed a comfort break and a drink, so I turned into the castle and had a pot of tea and a shortbread, and a pee of course.

The run home from there is pretty much an eyes closed experience as I have done it so often. 

An interesting day!

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Trobairitz said...

Well at least you know where you are heading next week. Looks like a nice day too - no rain.

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