15 April 2014

Whitstable Easter Egg Run

Sunday 13th April.  This was the 30th Anniversary run organised by the Whitstable Toy Run Association.  And it was another good turnout.

Both for the WTRA and also for the Kent Centre.

The Kent Centre was possibly due to the NC making an appearance at the Blue & White, and also due to some new members of the SOC coming along to meet us.

We set off later from the B&W than usual, and had only gone a mile or so when the "drop off" system had been forgotten.  I was playing tail-end Charlie and caught up with Norman and James (from Dorset) at Ashford's "magic roundabout", where traffic lanes change from traffic lights to traffic lights and no one makes much progress.

I slipped to the front and led them up the A251 towards Faversham and then down the little spurt on the Thanet Way into Whitstable and the Gorrell Tank Car-Park. The rest of the group were already there by the time we turned up.

Not all of us were going on the ride out and so Claire and I setup across from the exit with our little Samsung cameras  so we could capture the bikes leaving. We managed 161 pictures between us and they are uploaded to Flickr and linked on the WTRA FB page.

A couple of the pix from the Flickr set.

Once everyone had left, we led Norman back to Canterbury as he thought he needed petrol in his new V-Strom. Once we had left him, we set off for Waitrose and a free coffee. With time evaporating we ended up at the café at Brockhill Country Park, where we had a spicy bean burger and cheesy chips. Very nice.

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Trobairitz said...

I checked out the Flickr feed, Wow, I can't believe how many bikes were there.

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