4 April 2014

Wemberlee, Wemberlee

Cheapest Seats
April will be a good football month for me or at least the middle weeks will be.

Firstly, we'll be off to Wembley to see Arsenal play in the FA Cup Semi-Final against the Cup Holders, Wigan Athletic. A game that even Wenger and the players can't throw away. My trips to the new Wembley haven't so far been that successful, losing on both occasions.

Firstly to Chelsea in 2009 after being a goal up early on and then letting it slip near the end and even worse, the 2011 League Cup Final when a cock up between defenders and keeper left us conceding against lower opposition in the form of (to be) relegated Birmingham City.

So another Wembley occasion against a lower league side can't be allowed to go the same way. If we don't get to the Final in May, then I think Wenger needs to pack his bags!

After Wembley we have a tough game against West Ham that we need to win to stay in the Champions League qualification places.

Then at Easter we have the Oldham game at Colchester. Three games in six days. Hope I am up for it!!!

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