7 April 2014


Vimy Ridge

How many times have I been on Eurotunnel? Answer? Lots!

So I must have misread the original instructions and I booked the train for 0850. Actually, a little later than my usual crossings. To maximise time over "on the otherside" I usually like the earlier 0820 crossing.

The joining instructions arrived in the email from Jack, the RAT leader for this jaunt.

It's supposed to be 0815 to depart the fuel stop on the motorway by J11, then to check in way before 0850 and then the 0920 train!


I might go a bit earlier still and get some brekkie Frogside and then be ready when they come past. Once I have downed a pain chocolat and a coffee.....

In reality I'll miss them pass and have to get a move on to catch them up at the toll ticket collection booth at Ardres. 

As it is France I'll wear the Schuberth with it's very law abiding reflective stickers in place.

I don't need the TomTom.

The plan is A26 to J6 then the huge cemetery at Notre Dame de Lorette, where there is a cafe bar, then down to Vimy to join the Memorial Service.

Afterwards, we are scheduled to drop in on another couple of monuments and home again via the A26.

I'm booked on the 1820 train back from Calais. Not because I don't want to ride in convoy with 20 other bikes but because I want time to drop in the "Auchun" Hypermarket or Cité Europe on the way back to the train.

Oh. And the weather might be kind!

Fingers Crossed

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