9 April 2014

Vimy - Part Un

Up early courtesy of the cat. Washed and out about fifteen minutes ahead of schedule.

Sunny but a little chilly around the legs. Good job I am wearing two jumpers!

I was going to be half an hour ahead of the RAT Pack anyway so when I accepted an earlier crossing it put me an hour ahead. Leisurely breakfast then.

On arrival I pulled into the fuel stop for a coffee. "Desolé, machine en panne" said shrugging Gallic lady.

I togged up and headed down the A26 to the Aire de Rely, where we have stopped before.

Breakfast. And all ordered in French....

I'll carry in to ND de Lorette and meet the others there.

As I write they must just be exiting the port.

1 comment:

Trobairitz said...

Wasn't that nice of kitty to wake you early. Always good to get an early start.

Breakfast looks delish.

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