6 April 2014

Shakedown Ride

By the time we had done the days chores it was a bit late when I finally got out for a test ride with the TomTom fitted on the new Fred Carno's outfit of a RAM mount and dumbbell setup. Amazingly, TomTom had forgotten that the Cardo Scala existed and I had a little faff about to get it all sorted setup.  

It was gone 1730 by the time I set off. I wanted a little run to get the kit settled in and set the TomTom for the Western Heights at Dover.  There are forts all around Dover marking its significance as a major port, and one only 22 miles from France. The Castle was started by the Normans on about 1080 but there is actually a Roman lighthouse on the site.

Apart from a refugee and illegal immigrant centre, I couldn't actually find the defences. Maybe I didn't look hard enough as Tom wanted me to enter a housing estate that looked wrong.

In the end I did go up to the Castle to find a parking spot overlooking the Castle, and found the coach park. The sky was so grey that I almost lost the Castle in the gloom. Grey stone and grey sky.

I took another picture whilst I was up there, of Tom and his mounting.

With the Vimy RAT trip coming up on Wednesday I wanted check this was all good, and it was, then to fill the tank up at Tesco so that I have a full one to start the day.

I squeezed in 3.66 litres and had 42.9 on Trip 1, working out at 52.91 mpg;  a bit better than the last few fill-ups managed before the engine work was done.  The onboard mpg computer shows 62.1 at the moment.

Looking forward to Wednesday.

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Trobairitz said...

Nice MPG on the wee beastie.

The TomTom set up looks nice on the dash. That will come in handy, as long as it doesn't lead you astray.

I think it is so neat that you get to see the castles. Such history. The USA is such as young country it doesn't have the medieval cool factor.

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