16 April 2014

Schuberth C2!

I had had this helmet seven years.   I know this as I just clicked on the C2 link over on the right of the blogger screen and it grouped all the C2 posts together.  

Quite a variety of posts.  I never did get the the left side lock fixed. Oxprod wanted £75 to look at it and fix it and if the parts needed came to more than that then I would have to pay the extra.  So I make do with flicking the hooked piece with my fingertip before putting it back on.

I recently bought a new visor for it as the other had a rather irritating scratch on the front, courtesy of walking into the garage with the front flipped and scraping it on the bottom of the metal door.   It wasn't too bad but did refract light from the sun and headlights a little.

The new one arrived yesterday and so I need to get if fitted ASAP.

Although it has the locking problem, it is still very quiet. It has a wide face opening that gives plenty of view around.  Let's see how it goes on for now!

I wore it, pre new visor, last week on Döra's run across to Vimy and it was very quiet. It also has the reflective stickers on it to match the French idiot law.

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Trobairitz said...

Wow 7 years. That is great for a helmet. I bet you'll see things more clearly with the new face shield/visor.

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