1 April 2014

Regent's Canal

North entrance to the Islington Tunnel

Artistic Wreck?


A short walk along the Regent's Canal. There are lots of the barges that never move and also another group that are visiting from around the country. 

It looks as though someone has been at work as the usual crap like McDonald's packaging and Coke cans seems to have been cleaned away!

Some other pictures from my walk along the canal and then through Islington to the office.

More boats on the canal.

Another pub closed down and being developed. 

The Albany pub on Thornhill Road. A little up itself but used to be a good pub where we had drinks after work for birthdays etc.

One of the "dwellings" near work. There are lots of these trust buildings. Benefactors from the 19th and early 20th century that provided housing for the working classes.

When I worked next door this was a wallpaper factory. All hand printed and very expensive. Now, named after the wallpaper factory!

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