1 April 2014

New Lenovo L430

New Lenovo L430

At last we have moved into the 21st Century with the Council furnishing us with Win 7 Lenovo laptops. Only days before Microsoft cease updates for XP and support is switched off - not that you would notice as Microsoft support is non-existent in any case.

On the surface it is a nice looking piece of kit. Physically it is the same over dimension as my old Dell. The wide bezel means that the useable screen size is actually less than the Dell. It comes with the Intel Core i5 processors, and the cheaper option 500gb hard drive and only 4gb of RAM.

The L430 is about £600 on the Lenovo website, variable prices from resellers.

But there is one flaw....

There's no caps lock indicator......

1 comment:

Trobairitz said...

ooh no way to tell if the CPAS are on until you see what you're typing.

I have a bad habit of clicking the caps lock button instead of tab and end up retyping things all the time.

Enjoy the new machine.

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