1 April 2014

Latics @ Colchester United

Sometimes there have to be trade-offs.  I want to go to the football at the new Weston Homes Stadium at Colchester, but as it is Good Friday it needs the trade.

Claire comes with me to the football and then she gets to choose something.  She did.  Beth Chatto's Garden, luckily not far from Colchester so we have a double-header.

The gardens open at 9am and so with 127 miles to drive, we need to be away from home pretty quick pronto, as it were.

The football kicks off at 3pm, so we need to be a little earlier to get parked.  With a new out of town stadium there is parking. Incredibly the club website says 700 spaces!  OMG!

I ordered the game tickets from the eticket website from Oldham Athletic. And that brought me to parking. The Colchester United website wasn't very helpful saying that away supporters had to call and see what spaces were available.

But, better still, on their ticketing site there it is, the parking space can be booked separately to the home match ticket. Get in.


All done and dusted.

And now for Beth Chatto Garden.  Entry is £6.50 and there are 7 acres of gardens. I do like a garden and a garden before the football might be a calming experience, although maybe better afterwards.


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