18 April 2014

Latics @ Colchester United (and Beth Chatto!)

The drive up proved pretty pain free. The TomTom took us to Beth Chatto without any problems and we had a really good morning walking about and looking at the different gardens.  

Photos from Beth Chatto.

Once away from there we had a realtively simple run back to the A12 and down a few junctions to where the stadium can be found.  A nice small ground with parking and not hemmed in by the city and housing. At least, not until they build thousands of homes nearby!!

The car-park ticket I had bought allowed us to drive in and park easily enough. We were probably the only car with an Oldham Athletic window sticker though.   

The "away" supporter entrances are across the other side of the ground from the parking, but unlike some grounds, the banter was not too offensive between locals and me in the Latics away shirt for that season.  See selfie!


For some reason away fans are in this end of one of the stands at the side and they leave the end behind one of the goals compeletey empty except for club supporter's banners.

 And here's a pano!

In the end the Latics won 1-0 with a cracking goal on the stroke of half-time.

Maybe having Claire there was a good luck charm.

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