16 March 2014

The Red Pig

The Red Pig is a lunch spot out on the Levels to the west of Rye and below the Cinque Port of Winchelsea.

The Red Pig
It was our chosen lunch spot. None of us had been there before so it was a first.

Me and the Pig

Claire and Pig

The March monthly meeting was a quick cuppa at the Blue and White and then after a chat we set off across the marsh to the Red Pig for lunch and a sit in the sun.

Claire and I were on the Laguna courtesy bike, the Sprint GT SE model. I comes with a massive top box and comfort gel seat.

Sprint GT-SE

The Levels
On the country lanes I found the bike to be pretty uncomfortable. The brakes seem far more wooden than Döra and there seems to be the tendency for it to stand up under braking into corners. Not pleasant and we soon found ourselves left behind by the others who admittedly were riding their own bikes and without a passenger.

We dropped further behind in the traffic in Rye. A sunny day brings out the bikers and also loads of people out to enjoy the sun. In this country you never know how long it will last!

The five of us, Ian, Cal, Graham and me, the Greyhaired MCC and Claire, not grey at all, chose the pulled pork. The veggie option was called The Wallender. I have no idea what was or is in it.

Claire by the bikes
Once we had eaten we had a walk up the sea defence wall to take a look at the sea.

The cliff

Claire at the beach


The sun was so bright that I couldn't see that well to take this pano. Smart phone not so smart screen.


And then it was off home.

Th route back was to be Rye, then along the side of the Royal Military Canal to Appledore then Brenzett and back to Hythe.

Once again we lost the others but rather than odd and nervous handling it was an ambulance reversing in Rye and then sheer volume of traffic in Rye.

The ride on the flat was better. It seems that two-up with the weight on the front under braking that it tries to stand-up. 

We took the A259 from Brenzett. No dramas and then decided to go for a coffee at Waitrose. As we did the 360 at the roundabout I saw Ian entering the roundabout! They must have gone a longer route.

All in all a good day out but would have been better on a decent handling bike.

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Trobairitz said...

It sounds like a wonderful day out, even if you weren't on Dora.

Bright sunshine, a cool lunch spot, and riding with your lovely wife.

Thanks of sharing.

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