18 March 2014

Samsung WB30F

So after all my faffing about to try and get the DSLR to "talk" to the tablet, Claire jumps right ahead with the purchase of this small compact camera.  It has WiFi built in.

Not only can it be connected to any available WiFi, and still retain the home WiFi credentials, has a local send system where the camera becomes a WiFi hub and a smartphone can connect and with an app copy selected pics over!

You can email and Facebook straight from the camera if you want as well.


Maybe time to get one if there are any left. Sainsbury's had them at £59.95, half price. Maybe we should have bought two at the weekend!!

It is a superb little camera, slips in the pocket and takes 16mp pictures.  The zooms look good with both optical and digital.

The size means it is ideal for a bike jacket! The pix taken at the Red Pig, some of them were taken with it, others on the iPhone.

Looks good in white but they do it in black and also metallic red.

Okay. Bought one.

1 comment:

Trobairitz said...

Wow, what can't cameras do nowadays?

Sounds like you found a great deal - perfect for a pocket riding camera too.

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