24 March 2014

Latest TomTom mount!

Whilst at Laguna I got them to fit a new mount for my TomTom. As it was going to fit to a handlebar clamp I wanted it torqued down properly.

I did look at the Triumph mount, but at over £65 (wherever you look online)  it was a bit expensive and apart from looking like a kid's Meccano set, it leaves the cradle behind when the nav isn't needed. I like to leave nothing on the bike that can get get tampered with or stolen. 

This way I can remove the entire cradle and the attached power lead, already fitted with a Hella plug, from the bike. It is also near to  the power socket that you can just see to the lower right of the ball.

I'll need to play about to get the perfect fit of the Ram mount! It started to rain when I got home and I didn't get much time to play with it.  The power lead needs cutting down to about 8 inches to allow for the bars turning to full lock. A loop and a cable tie should sort that out.

See how it goes at the weekend when I next get some time and daylight.

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