9 March 2014

Claire's new Nolan N43E Air

Part of the prize when I won Rosie. The N43E came with the N-Com B1 Bluetooth system already fitted.

Sadly, it seems that it won't pair with my Cardo Scala so we won't be able to talk to each other on long runs. Whether that is a hindrance or nor I don't know.

However, it does connect to her iPhone 5C (the other part of the Rosie prize!) and as it supports A2DP protocol it can be used to listen to music from the iPhone.

It took a little fiddling and reading and re-reading the booklet that was in the box before we had music. Luckily, Döra has a power supply on the left side of the rear seat to charge stuff! Looks like it may see some action!

Some pix:

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Trobairitz said...

Nice looking helmet. I bet Claire will enjoy it.

It will be nice if you two have a way to communicate when on the bike. Hubby and I appreciate being able to point out eagles and other wildlife as well as talking about rest breaks.

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