1 February 2014

Vauxhall Insignia

The new car.  

After a couple of test drives of cars I liked the look of, and a look at some I liked but discarded once I had seen them, I bought a Vauxhall Insignia.
I wanted something that will last a while and so wanted relatively low mileage, added to economy as well. So I chose the diesel engined model, plumping for a 2011 registered SRi CDTi 2.0 litre model. I looked at a few but this one has only 24200 on the clock, is a colour I liked and was at the price level I wanted to pay.
Insurance until September 17th when my current policy expires was an additional £45 of which £15 was admin fee.
At Home

In Hythe

In Hythe

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Trobairitz said...

Nice looking car. We don't have those over here unless they are sold under a different name.

It looks like it would have a nice smooth ride. Do you find it quieter than the previous?

Our Subaru is quieter than our Nissan Versa was, maybe because it is bigger.

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