9 February 2014

Fred Hill Memorial Run - February 9th

I was up bright and early for the run. Partly because it had been raining hard and the wind had been trying to blow the roof off the house for most of the night. Plus I was lucky enough to find a dead weight of the Hilly, the cat, sitting on my chest.

I decided that although it had stopped raining and it wasn't forecasted for the day, that I would wear Kevlar jeans and Held waterproofs. The Held's also keep the wind off.

The ride up the M20, M25 and then the A2 to the Blackwall Tunnel was easier than a working day, 50 minutes from home to the tunnel.  I decoded to go as thought to work, but them from Old Street take the Ring Road around to the A40M to Hanger Lane and take a right onto the North Circular.

It was just after 1030 as I pulled into the famous Ace Cafe London car-park.  As you can see from the first pic there weren't that many bikes.... those that were seemed, by noon, to be on the run.

A bacon sandwich and a coffee later, and John Mitchell, MAG Chairman, had arrived and the cafe started to fill. Not just bikers but "normals" along for a good breakfast.

The run along the North Circ, A5 and then back on the Ring was heavy with traffic. What Google Maps directions gave as 25 minutes took nearer 55.

Finally, we arrived opposite HMP Pentonville and parked up.  In all there were 29 bikes and a Trike. Some two-up and I forgot to take a headcount.

After a photo of the South East banner we moved across and into the front of the prison. Unlike UK TV shows, the gates here don't open straight onto the road.

Once the pics were taken, we went out separate ways.

A good ride out.


Trobairitz said...

29 bikes is pretty darn good considering the weather you've had lately. And no rain for the ride. Nice.

Paul Devall said...

Not bad but when you consider London is one of the largest cities in the western world..

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