2 February 2014

First ride of the year!

With only a week to go before the Fred Hill Run, and Döra's trip to Laguna Triumph to have the ECM replaced, I needed to get out and give her a run.

After about seven weeks  the garage, I dug her out. She started first prod on the button. It was sunny as I set off but after the wettest January on record I don't have high expectations.

I did a kind of figure eight around the area including London Road where the water was running off the fields and across the entire width of the roadway.

I took one pic of Döra by the tiger at the entrance to Port Lympne.

The second picture was taken at the top of London Road above the water works!

London Road
It looks like someone failed to make the bend as the road signs are leaning quite a lot!


Trobairitz said...

Hooray for the first ride of the year. I am still waiting to get on the bike this year.

Glad the weather cooperated while you were out.

Paul Devall said...

I am usually attracted to flooded roads but not when I have jeans on!

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