28 February 2014


I like to keep the blogs separate and as such have far too many on the go at once.

Occasionally there will be a crossover. I have a blog I share with Claire about our trips to Spain.

We have been going once a year for quite a few years. I am always envious of the riders out there enjoying the Mediterranean climate. They are dressed for summer almost all year round. No waterproofs!!!!

A few years ago I was there when I took my ex-partners bike to her in Murcia. In Northern Europe it was cold and wet in February.

In the Huerta of Murcia it was dry. The locals were dressed in thick coats but the foreigners were in t-shirts!   I parked up at the University waiting for her to finish her class. Teaching not a student. The givi box open. 

"What is that?" says scooter guy next to me. He was dressed in a suit and normal shoes. Only a suede helmet like horse riders on his head to show any biker action! 

"Waterproof trousers" I say. He laughs. "You won't need those until November" he said and rode off.

Anyway I digress.

The Spain blog is called "España por favor!" at http://our-spain.blogspot.co.uk

Drop in sometime. 

Oh. The crossover? Döra is going to be starring there this year.


Trobairitz said...

Dora to Spain? Now that is pretty cool.

I envy you in that the countries seem so close together in Europe whereas here we have Canada a days drive away or Mexico two long days drive but that is it.

Paul Devall said...

But you have such a huge country with diverse places to go without changing currency or (much) language.

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