29 January 2014

New Car

I hadn't expected to get a new car so quickly and after a test drive on each of the ones I liked I have decided on one.

More details to follow.

The Punto must have smelled a rat as this morning an intermittent electrical fault, that means the interior cabin light works when the door opens or stays on when the door is shut,  occurred. 

I looked out of the front window about 6am to see the car interior bathed in light. I dashed out but although there was enough battery to light a bulb there was none to turn the ignition.  

Worse still the key is coded to the ignition switch and there was a problem with that unlocking the auto gear shift interlock from park. 

To engage park, the car needs to have the key in the lock and foot on the brake.

Some tugging released the gear shift and I was able to push the car back off the drive so Claire could get her Peugeot out.

That's where I left it. I doubt the battery will have recovered by the time I get home.

It looks like I'll need a taxi from the station this evening!!


Trobairitz said...

Hmmm we don't have any Insignias here. Are you thinking Opel Insignia?

Paul Devall said...

GM had Opel in Europe and Vauxhall in UK.

I used to live near Luton where Vauxhall had been built for about a hundred years. Shopping malls now!!

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