1 January 2014

Come rain or shine...

Woodie and his crusader poncho

Whatever the weather we support our team. Through thick and thin, come rain or shine.

Today was rain. Almost constant cold rain that finds its way into any gear.

My brother Neill, it is he in the poncho pic, chose disposable made in China-wear.

I chose a showerproof jacket and jeans but la pièce de résistance was the bike over trousers. Dry down below despite the rain. Cap soaked through. Maybe next time a combination of Held bike waterproofs and Chinese poncho?

1 comment:

Trobairitz said...

He does not look happy.

I think your bike overpants are a great idea. I've often been tempted to wear my waterproof riding gear when the rains are washing down and I am not on the bike.

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