29 December 2013

Rosie's First Outing

So once we got back from Folkestone and we had our fish and chips I thought as it was still dry (air, roads damp) I'd pull Rosie onto the drive and take her to the local petrol station and fill the tank.

The filler is lockable and at the front of the riding position but low down!

Good job I was looking closely as it was at £3.48 and it was filled to the brim. That equates to 2.65 litres. It had some in there already.

Then I shot back home to get my phone.

Claire took these as I set off again for a short run along the seafront.

This is when I actually looked at the speedometer. Bloody hell, 50 seems so much slower! Ah. It has a kilometre speedo and odometer.

I had a run up to Seabrook car park. It is so cold my fingers were turning numb!

So back and now from 3kms on the she had 19kms....

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