22 December 2013

Metz Nöel - Sunday

We were up a little late for breakfast arriving when everyone else was there. Although the hotel was pretty quiet overnight there were lots others in the small restaurant.

Our walk took us ended by the Wheel a different way via ancient arch, the Porte Serpenoise. Destroyed in the 16th century and then rebuilt three hundred years later.

We went around to the Cathedral and down to the old town where there are bridges across some narrower sections of the Moselle. It was drizzling most of the time.

Time for lunch.

Back to Place 1 to get a bratwurst and a beer!

After some shopping we ended up back at the hotel for a siesta.

Looking out of the window I saw a group of about ten scooters with their riders dressed as Santa. Before we could get down their they started to ride off and so I had to get a few shots from the hotel window!!

We were up and out again. A look at the nativity scene across the road from the hotel.

Strangely, Jesus is missing from the scene, so we assume he will arrive on Christmas morning?

From here is was back to Place St Louis for a beer and a warm wine in the Cafe des Arcs, where we had a drink yesterday. I gave the Nöel beer at miss and had ordinary Grimbergen.

Then we needed dinner. This time we had tarteflette. A kind of dauphin potato with flecks of ham topped with a sausage. We had the middle size portion and two forks!

We also bought some more presents for friends and family, had a coffee in Place St Jacques and then it was gauffre time for Claire.

On the way back Claire had her pic with St Nick.

Then we went back to the hotel in the drizzle to read and get ready to head home tomorrow.

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