15 December 2013

Christmas Market.... Germany No-Go

Sadly the proposed trip to Rudesheim for the Christmas Market has been knocked firmly on the head. Why?

In 2010 the Germans introduced a law that says in "wintry conditions" you need winter tyres. Bugger.  In England we have relatively mild winters, with little snow, so we never bother with winter tyres.

So, instead I had to hunt about for a Christmas Market elsewhere.  In France. So. Metz it is!

I tried for Strasbourg but that would have been nice but at this late stage no hotels this side of the Waldorf Astoria price range are available.  Metz though had a few rooms.  So I booked one. City Centre, walking distance of the market and the sites.

Now to get the TomTom re-jigged....

More info.

St Nick

Last year....

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