1 November 2013

St Nicks Rally & Whitstable Toy Run

Things have been very quiet lately. I haven't had much opportunity to get out for a ride and hopefully that will be resolved tomorrow if the weather holds off. Forecasts are for half a month's worth of rain in a weekend; so not looking too clever.

On the horizon though are two regular runs I go on. Sadly, they are always the same weekend! So about of a double header!!

Firstly,  the Sinterklaastreffen. I have been most years since 1984, missing a few due to being in Czech working or bike breakdowns and last year snow. We used to go for the weekend, but once our favourite (and quirky) hotel, the Polaris,  closed, we started only going over for the day and sometimes, not even joining in the run itself!

So what does the St Nicks Rally (as we call it in English) entail?

For the day tripper it is an early ferry across to France and then a ride along the coast to Ostend. It's about 60 miles from Calais to the parking up place in Ostend. It is usually either very cold or simply wet.

St Nick comes ashore from a fishing boat, along with his two (non PC) blacked-up helpers called Piet. He gives away sweets before setting off in a sidecar outfit for a ride around the city ending up at a children's home where toys are distributed. Halfway around there is usually a stop for soup! Don't get stuck with the ladle!!

For the weekender there are bands and other live entertainments on Friday and Saturday in the marquee.

Last year we had a lot of snow and I decided not to go. 

 My ticket is booked for this year with "My Ferry" (the re-badged Seafrance) at the princely sum of £14.50 return for a bike and two people. Gotta grab that with both hands.

Secondly, the Whitstable Toy Run. This year is the 30th Anniversary Run from Gorrell Tank Car-Park by the harbour in Whitstable to the Queen Elizabeth Queen Mother Hospital at Margate. It's the Sunday after the St Nicks Saturday!

I have put both on the Kent Centre FB page to see if there are any takers!!

Fingers crossed that someone else signs up for one or both the events otherwise it will be a lonely weekend!


Trobairitz said...

Fingers crossed you don't get all that rain that is forecast. Makes for miserable riding for sure.

Paul Devall said...

Rain is horrible but snow and ice is worse.

Have done share of freezing.

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