30 November 2013

St Nicks - Part Three

It didn't take long to find the "usual" chocolate shop. The same lady works in there was in all the years we have been going to the St Nicks. Since 1985.

I bought a few things, some to take to work, some for Christmas and some to eat during the day!

Chocs etc
Once back at the bike it was already 1425 local time so I set off around to the meeting place. Like a ghost town. There is some bike parking near the big church so I went there. A couple of non-local Belgians had arrived. Just as nonplussed as me as to what was going on.

The web page definitely has this weekend on the poster.

I waited a while and with My Ferry having a three hour gap from 1645 to 1945 I decided to take off along the coast.

The sand covered the road in places between the Thermae Palace and Middelkerke. But rather than risk it I picked my way through the car tracks.

On the E40 again I set the cruise to 120kph. One of the successes was to work out how to change from miles to kilometres.

I arrived at Calais just about 1535. Checked in for the earlier 1645 sailing and road to Lane 340 to await the ferry.

Calais dockside

Once onboard, Döra was tied down in the rack and I went to the brasseries for a croque Monsieur and a coffee.


Trobairitz said...

So neat that you have a 'usual' chocolate shop for your visits.

Paul Devall said...

After 28 years it gets familiar!!

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