30 November 2013

St Nicks - Part One

Up early and off to the Port of Dover. Arriving at 0730 it was a little disappointing  to see no bikes there already.

Outside Dover East
I hung about until 0745 and then made my way around to check in. A little after 0801 I was in Lane 149 waiting to board. No other bikes at all in the loading lanes.

Jean Sans-Amis obviously.

It was about 6.5C when I left home rising to a positively balmy 9C at the port.

As usual My Ferry is late into its berth on the incoming trip. So not boarding at 0750 as the info boards say!

I was first on and rode the length of the ship to the bike racks in the starboard bow.

The crew guy had it tied and secured in a minute or so. This is so much better than the messing about on other routes.


I was in the restaurant quite early and decided to pass the day with a full English.

So now only two hours to kill before landing in Calais.

Had a realised I was solo on this trip I'd have brought my Kindle!!

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