30 November 2013

St Nicks - Part Deux

It looked very murky as we went parallel to the French coast. 

The crossing in the end took just 90 minutes. There seem to be far fewer people on this ferry than on the rival P&O ferries on the same route. This is a good thing.

Far less pushing and shoving on the stairs to get to the car decks! Fewer people filling the brasserie and bars.

Once ashore I fell into a rhythm with the cruise set on 70mph. I should have changed to kilometres but forgot.

I missed the Middelkerke turning and ended up going to Jabbeke and the A10 entry into Ostend.

It seemed eerily quiet. Very few bikes. Shit! Wrong date.

The rally site has moved to a new venue and I guess that means that fewer bikes are parked in the city.

I did a ride-by where we have met St Nick every year I have been since 1985.  Lots of metal fencing and entry forbidden signs.

I parked around the corner as it looked more hospitable.

There were some other bikes there too.

I went to look for a coffee and the chocolate shop we always go to.

Found both. 

The cafe bar was full of smokers but the back was separated and smoke free. Had a coffee whilst trying to get the wifi to work. No success with that.

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Trobairitz said...

Seems odd that there aren't many bikes around. Good that there aren't crowds, but odd so few bikes.

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