17 November 2013

Run Out

Today's run out probably added less than 20 miles onto the odometer.

A swift run up to the Blue & White Café to meet the other old Codgers that form the Kent Centre of the Suzuki Owners Club.

We are a diverse bunch of older men. Many sporting grey hair but we still love getting on the bikes and riding.

But probably not too much or too far when it is freezing weather.

Last week on the Ring of Red it was cold. This week I swapped ordinary poly cotton t-shirt for a thermal long sleeve shirt and it wasn't as cold. 

In fact it was miserable with the kind of invasive drizzle that seems to eek its way through your leathers and chill right to the bones. Nasty.  Give me crisp and dry cold any time.

We have been told by the soothsayers of disaster that we will get snow early this year.

With two runs over the weekend of Nov 30 and Dec 1 I hope not!!

1 comment:

Trobairitz said...

Hope you don't get any snow.

I don't mind cool and dry riding but I hate cold and wet. I haven't been on the bike in a few weeks because of the rain. Just don't want my gloves soaked through, etc.

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