10 November 2013

Ring of Red Around the M25

It was a bit of a rush but well worth it to be part of another triumph for British Bikers.

I was ready to leave as soon as the two minute silence was over. I watched the Queen lay her wreath on the Cenataph and then I was out to where Döra was waiting.

Then it was all action to meet my brother, Neill, near Chatham and ride to the rendezvous point at Dartford just south of the QE Bridge tollbooths. 

We made it in good time but with maybe not enough to spare had we attempted to go through the Tunnel to the local start point at Thurrock "Lakeside" Services.

As the bikes streamed oved the Bridge we could see the red line of their riders and pillions. Most wearing red t-shirts and hoodies,  some with red hi-viz and others even in onesies! 

I had started with a red hi-viz but took it off and put on the more comfortable XXXL t-shirt. The hi-viz flapped about at anything over 50mph.

We joined the large group and headed to the next rest area at Clacket Lane

Many riders did the entire 117 miles.

With my vented summer gloves I was glad of the heated grips and the hand guards that deflected some of the breeze away from my fingertips and those vents.

It was later in the day that we learned via Facebook, that we had achieved the goal of a continuous red ring around London.

Another brilliant day and another chance for Britain's bikers to show that we aren't all hooligans, as we are always portrayed in movies. Or should I say still portrayed in movies?

The picture is me at the rendezvous after donning the red t-shirt.

Pic of me taken on my iPhone by my brother, Neill.

This picture, courtesy of Julia Stevenson, the RoR organiser, taken at Thurrock Services. 


Trobairitz said...

Nice!! Wouldn't it be neat to see an aerial photo of that ring of red.

Good job.

Paul Devall said...

The organisers had contacted Google but we yet to hear if they did anything..

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