26 November 2013

Retro Shirt

Maybe when you take up internet dating, total honesty or rather, truthfulness, might not be at the highest place on your checklist.

Things like height, weight, hair can all be exaggerated but a picture? I guess you could send an old one.

I sent Claire one of me wearing one of these, plus bike gear, and taken in Venice! 

That shirt "disappeared". A replica 1970 FA Cup Final shirt. A valued and sadly missed friend...

And now thanks to www.camporetro.com I can replace it!!!


The new shirt has the numbers 11 on the back,  that mark it as a replica of the shirt worn by Charlie George. The Arsenal hero who scored the winning goal that beat Liverpool at Wembley. 

Campo Retro also have the red and white shirt from the same era... Mmmmm? Christmas is coming. 

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