26 November 2013

Getting ready for the weekend

It seems absolutely ages since me and Döra were last out.

I had planned to get her out and give her a quick wash and brush up prior to this coming weekrnd's two trips. Sadly with the weather only being a few points above freezing and sunset about 4pm there's so little daylight left to get things done.

So Döra sits in the garage waiting for Saturday's trip to Belgium and her first St Nicks Rally. 

The plan is an early ferry across to Calais and then a ride along the coast to Ostend. It's only about 60 miles on the other side but it can be very cold.

1 comment:

Trobairitz said...

Have a great weekend. May the weather gods smile upon you.

Been below freezing every morning here too. At least it is sunny during the day.

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